I photographed the "Collective Portraits of South Lantau Pet Owners" project inspired by the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural landscape and its people. I have been lucky enough to spend 2020 in a happy bubble, in Hong Kong's countryside, a place that has experienced very few COVID-19 cases throughout this pandemic.
My intention for this series is to show a lesser known part of Hong Kong and to share the stories of the people in my community. In a year when we spent much more time at home with our families while practicing social distancing in all our other interactions, I wanted to celebrate togetherness, love, and simple joy. And to give back a glimmer of happiness at the end of a gloomy year.

Inspired by all this and not in the least by the fact that every other family here has a pet, I spent the entire month of December 2020 photographing 31 families and their pets from the community of South Lantau. Here are the resulting images.

Row one, from left to right: Harlod, Mutley, Flanders, Ruby, Molly, Kira, Peanut, Lulu, Jersey, Simba.  Row two, from left to right: Doris, Jessica, Trusty, Nina, Hugo, Coco, Molly, Cilla, Coffee, Jimmy.  Row three, from left to right:  Skippy, Laika, Nala, Echo, Gene, Salchicha, Momo, Jock, Lhasa, Jack. Row four, from left to right: Amelie, Pikachu, Mara, Aisha, Jack, Chloe, Rascal, Trotsky, Trident, Pax.

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