I photographed the "Collective Portraits of South Lantau Pet Owners" project inspired by the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural landscapes and its people.  Throughout the challenging year of 2020, I had the privilege of residing in the peaceful sanctuary of Hong Kong's countryside, which fortunately witnessed minimal COVID-19 cases during most of the pandemic.
Through this series, my objective is to shed light on a lesser-known part of Hong Kong and share the compelling stories of the people within my community.  As we spent an unprecedented amount of time at home with our loved ones, while maintaining social distance in our other interactions, I aimed to celebrate unity, affection, and the simple joys of life.  Moreover, I sought to bring a glimmer of happiness amidst the shadows that defined the year of 2020.

Guided by these motivations, as well as the prevalent presence of pets among every family living on this island, I dedicated the entire month of December 2020 to capturing the portraits of 31 families and their beloved animal companions from the South Lantau community.  Here are the resulting images.

Row one, from left to right: Harlod, Mutley, Flanders, Ruby, Molly, Kira, Peanut, Lulu, Jersey, Simba.  Row two, from left to right: Doris, Jessica, Trusty, Nina, Hugo, Coco, Molly, Cilla, Coffee, Jimmy.  Row three, from left to right:  Skippy, Laika, Nala, Echo, Gene, Salchicha, Momo, Jock, Lhasa, Jack. Row four, from left to right: Amelie, Pikachu, Mara, Aisha, Jack, Chloe, Rascal, Trotsky, Trident, Pax.

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